Exobrain: Organize Your Brain With This Mind Mapping Tool

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 by

Exobrain is a web-based mind mapping tool designed to help creative people visualize, organize, and generate ideas. Could Exobrain help you?

Are you down for some brainstorming?

By trimming down customization features and instead relying on intelligent algorithms to make those decisions for you, Exobrain puts you in charge of mind mapping. With simple mouse controls and no complex keyboard combinations, Exobrain is easy and intuitive to use. Exobrain has no limitations on the relationships your ideas can have, nor does it restrict where ideas can be placed around the map. The result? Pure creative freedom.

Great ideas don’t come easy…

According to the Exobrain’s team the site’s goal is to create the simplest and most powerful brainstorming tool possible by combining intense focus, zero distractions, and intelligent design so you can do what matters most: coming up with great ideas.

Bottom Line:

Do you have a good idea? Do you want to be sure it’s covered from all angles? With Exobrain you canĀ mind-Map it, share it with others for more insights, and then when everything is covered, make it real!

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