Pathbrite: Web Portfolios that truly Showcase your Achievements

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 by

Pathbrite Web Portfolios enable you to go way beyond one-dimensional resumes, job applications or academic presentations to show your true measure: a lifetime of learning, achievement and passions.

What is Pathbrite?

Pathbrite Web Portfolios allow students, and learners of all ages, to collect and reflect on all the evidence of their learning and achievements, including the many digital breadcrumbs that increasingly make up a person’s life.

By reflecting on what you’ve already achieved and looking at what you’ve done in your education, career or personal life in terms of work product, school projects, or community service work, you can get a true sense of how far you’ve come and what more you may need to do to achieve your educational or career goals.

Showcase yourself!

Pathbrite is mainly about showcasing yourself, whether for your professor, your (hopefully) future employer or even for your own personal environment. Nowadays a simple resume is plainly not enough; a resume does not show your social activity, your blogs, your web influencers or your previous projects, Pathbrite does!

You can share a curated portfolio that centers all your relevant links so that the person looking at it will get a full sized and a full dimensioned perspective of who you are, what you can do and what are your aspirations. So go and create the E-you, with portfolios that represents the complex and wonderful thing that is you!

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