Everyme: App of the Week – A More Private Social Network

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 by

Take a good look at your next social venture. This is Everyme, our app of the week, and interestingly, a more private social network. Because stories are meant to be shared with your closest friends. Not with 377 random acquaintances…


Why Everyme is the complete opposite of Facebook

The biggest problem with Facebook is that it has no boundaries. You’re on there, sharing everything with your friends, one-time acquaintances, random online ‘friends’… and the most dreaded of all… your boss and your parents!

As soon as you allow the boss, mom and dad to be your “friends”, you get yourself involved in an endless spiral of untagging and eliminating pictures of yourself doing all those things you don’t want them to know. But you’re never fast enough: all of the sudden you’re facing a picture of you with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other and your mom’s comment on the side: “OMG, how long have you been smoking? Are you out of your mind?!” etc. If you are one of those who, like me, is running against time to fight overly public broadcasting… you’d better check out Everyme!

The concept behind this app is that “stories are meant to be shared with your closest friends, not with 377 random acquaintances.” The difference between Everyme and the other networks is the possibility of choosing exactly who to share with and how. Since it doesn’t have a public option, you never have to worry about your photos and messages ending up in the wrong place. The rule to decide whether to send your friends a story or not is simple: unless you click the share button, it’s not sent.

How sharing works on a more private social network

As regards the actual sharing, since your friends and family members are everywhere, this app gives you the opportunity to communicate with them in the place that best works for them – app, mail, or text message. Another really useful tool is that as soon as you sign in with your social networks, Everyme creates logical groups to inspire the “Magic Circles” you might want to create. The first time you post into a Circle, you are given the option to turn on Magic Stories, which means the app will scan your social networks for interesting things every once in a while for your friends to comment o like any normal story.

One last detail: your contact data is not stored, another guarantee that your privacy is really good taken care of.  Now stop broadcasting and start sharing with Everyme. It’s about time social networks got a private equivalent!

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