It’s so nice to find a surprise from your idol in your mail box…

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 by

Quarterly Co. is a way to connect with people you follow on the web who influence you, in a physical way.
The idea behind it is very similar to subscribing to a magazine but instead of receiving a magazine full of words and pictures, you receive a package by mail in which you have a collection of items curated by the person you admire.

Items that tells a story

When you enter Quarterly Co. you have a list of contributors from which you choose the one who influenced you most and whose opinion and point of view you appreciate the most. After you subscribe to your favorite contributor you start receiving once every three months a package from them by mail. It can be anything the contributor finds appropriate, from a secret family cold remedy to the same pen they used for taking notes for their recant book, all the items will have relevance and meaning to the contributor and hopefully will add value to you as well. 

What exactly will you get?

Each 3 monthly package costs $25, so you’re most likely going to get small items from your influencers, which have more story telling effect then anything else. The way I see it, the main idea of Quarterly Co. is to provide you with stories curated by the contributors into items they send you, and through these stories, the items take on new meaning. Take a look at Quarterly Co., maybe one of the contributors is your favorite designer… Aren’t you intrigued to know what they might send you?



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