Chrome Web Lab – The Latest Google Chrome Experiment

Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012 by

Google just never stops giving apparently, and here’s yet another cool project for you to play with… Chrome Web Lab is a site that explores the extraordinary workings of the Internet through  5 interactive experiments.

What are these experiments, and are they worth your time?

The first experiment on Chrome Web Lab is called Universal Orchestra, which allows you to make music with people around the world using nothing but, well, blobs! In another experiment you can get your portrait – taken on webcam – drawn by a robot simultaneously in the Science Museum, London!

I’ll leave the other three as a surprise but they’re equally cool.

Each of the experiments works so seamlessly and smoothly, as you’d expect from a Google Internet project.

And each one’s pretty interesting. We think Chrome Web Lab is a great site to share with your kids!

Bottom Line

Chrome Web Lab is definitely a fun, interesting diversion for a few minutes, especially if you’ve got kids (or you’re a big kid yourself!).

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