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If you love stand-up comedy this website was made for you! Lolflix presents stand-up comedy shows “the way they are meant to be seen: Uncut, Uncensored and Unapologetic”.

Spend your spare time laughing

We got Scott Montoya, ‘the guy at Lolflix’, to elevator pitch us on why you’d want to use his site to download stand-up comedy shows, and well, we got a pretty good answer:

The idea behind Lolfix is simple: you’ll use it to “download and stream instantly – from anywhere in the world – the funniest stand-up comedy, HD quality, DRM free and always $5 or less – the way comedy was meant to be seen”

What’s DRM free you say? Well, once you download a stand-up comedy show, it’s yours, you own it, and you can do whatever you want with it. That means you can copy the HD movie file to any device (eg. iPad, iPhone etc) as many times as you need; burn a DVD; drop it in iTunes; or just stream it directly to your computer.

Is this the end of bootleg stand-up comedy?

All of these original stand-up comedy shows have premiered on The Showtime Network and have never been released before for download or stream anywhere else in the world so you can only get them on Lolflix. There is no more need to watch your favorite stand-up comedian on a bootleg part 1/7 Youtube video that was filmed on an iPhone, denying the artists the well deserved $ they should earn.

So what are you waiting for! Search Lolflix for that artist you love and start building your stand-up comedy folder. 🙂

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