Bloodnote: App of the Week – Check Your Blood Pressure Daily

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 by

Ladies and gents, meet Bloodnote, our App of the Week on All My Faves. It’s an excellent $1.99 app for iPhone that uses an innovative, minimalist display to log, check and help you control your blood pressure and pulse rate daily. 


A beautiful app that might actually be a life saver…

There’s a lot to praise about the Bloodnote app: for a start, as its creators correctly point out, hypertension isn’t a medical condition that only elders get. Everyone needs to take care of their health, and for many that involves needing to keep track of your blood pressure and pulse levels. And seeing as most people are switching over to smartphones (and using them pretty much all the time), what better way to help you keep track of it visually than on your iPhone!

Innovative interface: Log & control your blood pressure daily

So, on Bloodnote you don’t take your blood pressure, you simply log it after you’ve taken it. The reason why you’d use this, is because its beautiful, minimalist interface gives you all the data you need about your blood pressure in a way that makes it almost fun to check!

Rather than having everything written down in unfathomable lists that you might lose, this keeps all your data to hand, in one visual place. This also means you’ll be properly equipped with all the right info when you need to show your doctor your blood pressure trends.

Bottom Line:

BloodNote is a niche app that solves a very specific problem, and does so in an innovative, visual way. Just as we make browsing the Internet easier by visualizing it, Bloodnote makes logging and checking data about your health easier with its intriguing, visual approach.

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