Tired of Clutter? Try Manilla: Free Online Bill Organizer

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012 by

Are you are tired of paper bills taking over your house like a bad house guest? Paper bills can be a nuisance, easily misplaced, or forgotten about,  but Manilla won’t let that happen.  Manilla is a free, simple, straightforward online tool that gathers all of the information you need to manage your bills and accounts online,  by putting it in one secure place available to you 24/7. With Manilla, you can cut the clutter. But don’t worry, you’ll revieve automatic reminders letting you know when important bills are almost due ,so you never miss a payment again!

Quick and easy sign up with Manilla

Manilla’s comprehensive list of more than 1,200 companies ranging from AT&T and Verizon, to American Express and Citibank, to Comcast and Netflix provides complete visibility of all your accounts in one paperless location; hassle free. Simply provide your name, email address, and set up some standard security questions and within 90 seconds you’ll never look at bills the same way again!


Of course the big question on your mind, is Manilla secure? The anwser, yes. Manilla provides bank-level security.  Additionally, you can permanently store your statements online as well as even pay your bills. This is the best part! You can keep your statements as long as you want, all in one place, while never taking up any space on your hard drive.

How is Manilla free?!

Manilla is free because service providers pay a small fee for their mail to be delivered through Manilla to their customers. This is a brand new way for consumers to get copies of their bills and statements more quickly and at a lower cost to businesses.

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Manilla makes it easier to manage your bills. You’ll have unlimited access to the bills, statements and notices that your accounts offer – without the paper clutter. Additionally, don’t forget to check out the benefits of Manilla right from your mobile phone app!  So stop wasting time, get rid of the clutter and sign up. In 90 seconds I promise you’ll never look at bills the same way again!

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