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Four Pins is an online men’s magazine focused on style, gear and culture. If you’re a guy looking into becoming a true gentleman look no further, Four Pins is here to help.

Hey Gentlemen, Want to Look Great?… All the Time?!

Although the problem of what to wear usually resides with woman, men also put thought into the way they dress. Keeping this in mind, any tools that make men look their best are highly valuable. Four Pins offers men Style, Gear and Culture tips for everyday life. Four Pins answers the million dollar question of what to wear. using interesting articles and attention grabbing photos, the website is very easy to read while offering great insight into looking your best.“Tiré à Quatre Épingles” is an old French saying with a foggy etymology that dates back to Renaissance-era France. Literally translated, it means “held by four pins,” but the the figurative meaning is more like “well dressed,” “impeccable,” “of the best quality. That’s the kind of goal four pins lives by.

Guys + Four Pins = Gentlemen!

Any guy looking to fully makeover their wardrobe will use Four Pins. As a guy myself, I could definitely see myself using Four Pins into the transformation of becoming a gentleman. The website allows regular everyday Joes transform into well dressed polite gentlemen. Aside from dressing well, the website gives guys pointers on style and culture of gentlemen. Although you can not actually purchase anything on Four Pins it’s without a doubt a great website as it offeres helpful insights into transforming to a gentleman. I myself will definitely use it, check it out!


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