Daily Dishonesty – Lovely Little Lies from a Hungry Graphic Designer

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 by

Daily Dishonesty is where you can get witty t-shirts created by a professional graphic designer who creates designs inspired by everyday life occurrences that provoke creativity.

Not Your Average T-shirt Shop

Daily Dishonesty is inspired by everything in founder Lauren Hom’s life: friends, family, work, etc. Design-wise, she gets lots of inspiration from looking at photos of vintage signage and taking walks around NYC – never underestimate the power of a breath of fresh air. Daily Dishonesty is made for any girl who knows what it’s like to absolutely must have those shoes or try to take just one bite of dessert. Or the pair of best friends who say they won’t finish the whole bottle of wine, but always do. It’s for the girl who finishes the cookie dough before she has a chance to bake it. The girl who says she’ll be there in five minutes when she’s still at home deciding what to wear. The perfectly imperfect girl that she and so many of her friends are.

Funny Story = Great Website

The world wide web offers everything and anything, anyone can create a website. Different websites are created in different ways. Daily dishonesty was conceived in an unconventional matter but nonetheless interesting. “I came up with the idea for Daily Dishonesty while I was sitting at the kitchen table with my roommates, having some wine and cheese. We were talking about all the things we wanted to do in our free time, and then we burst into laughter because we realized that we were all lying – none of us actually had any free time!” says Hom. She felt the light bulb go off in her head, made a long list of all the other lies she routinely tells herself, and started drawing immediately.
The next day, Daily Dishonesty was born. Like Lauren says the website is perfect for the girl who says she’ll be there in five minutes when she’s still at home deciding what to wear. Check it out here!

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