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thebestNo matter where you are in the world or what time zone you’re in, there is always a sporting event taking place. From the most popular sports to the smallest of events, the world of sports never sleeps. This list of 19 online sports sites will allow you to stay up to date with sports scores, articles, the latest products and everything in between.

What Kind of Call Was That, Ref?!

alWhether you’re the ultimate sports fan or you don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a home run, everyone has a favorite team. The sporting industry is one of the biggest in the world, and every sport has its loyal legions of fans. There is no feeling like entering a stadium, arena or field and getting that rush of being in the presence of some the greats that are currently making history or those who have made their marks in previous years. A sporting event at its finest is filled with excitement and a rush that true sports fans feel. As much fun as it is being at an event in person, we can’t always be there. In today’s world, even when we can’t be somewhere in person, we are connected through technology. Fans can check scores, trades, articles, weather and everything else regarding an event right from their phones, tablets and computers. It’s always nice to be at a game in person, but staying up to date with everything in real time works just as well sometimes. Where would the sporting industry be if the fans couldn’t stay up to date every minute of the day?


The One Stop Shop for All Things Sports

The All My Faves team knows how large the sporting world really is, and we know when covering anything sports related, we can’t leave anything out. We built our Sports Homepage to bring you the best online sports sites covering a wide variety of sports and athletics. Whether you’re looking for scores to a game, player stats, weather updates, the latest products and technology or anything else, the All My Faves Sports Homepage has everything you’re looking for. To make a little easier, we’ve also listed these sites by their sport for your convenience.

The Most Popular Sport Sites


espnESPN is the site for everything sports. While providing scores for all games big and small, ESPN also provides articles regarding different players, coaching information, stats, and the latest scandal to rock a league. Anything that has to do with a team or the sport itself is on ESPN. They provide the news we want and need to know, not just gossip that lands on the front page or could ruin a career. The site includes more than just the big league sports. They also provide photos and videos, fantasy news, polls and chats to keep the fans engaged. When it comes to your favorite team, ESPN has it all and will keep you informed. There is even a store so fans can make sure they’re wearing the latest jerseys and other apparel. Even if you couldn’t be at the big game last night, you should at least be able to know everything that happened. That’s why ESPN is the site to visit.

Staff Pick: NBC Sports

nbcsportsNBC Sports not only covers the latest scores of the biggest and smallest games, they also have articles and different posts discussing the hottest topics in those sports. Once a game is finished or the season has ended, scores don’t really mean anything. But there is always some sort of drama with a team and the staff going on. NBC Sports has the latest information about trades and terminations happening, obstacles facing superstar athletes, and everything else sports-related. With NBC Sports, users can also watch events live, find which TV channel has the big game on and purchase tickets, among many other qualities.



nbaThere is no question that when you’re looking for any information regarding basketball, the NBA site is the one to visit. The NBA is in the midst of a great season, and users will have access to all the scores they’re looking for as well as highlights from those games. If having information regarding the whole league isn’t what you’re looking for, there is an option to focus in on your team and information regarding them. Along with scores, the NBA site provides information regarding stats, news worthy events, schedules, player and coaching info. Another aspect to the NBA page is that they cover more than just the teams in the NBA. Users can also search for the scores of other leagues and teams around the world. If you are visiting the site from outside the United States, scores for your local teams will appear as well. When thinking of basketball, the site with it all is

Staff Pick: Hoops Hype

hoopshypeHoops Hype is different than your usual sports site. Hoops Hype isn’t based on the scores or highlights of the game, but everything else that surrounds the sports and its players. The site posts information regarding rumors in the league, salary figures for players, coaches and agents, highlights from players’ and teams’ media feeds, pictures and information about the dancers on each team and information all the way down to the shoes a player wears. Hoops Hype has everything about the sport and the league you need to know, not just the score.



mlbThe MLB site has everything you need when it comes to the majors. has the basic information such as scores, trades and schedules, but also a link for the fantasy leaguers, video/highlights, tickets and standings. The site also has links to your favorite team and their homepage. During the offseason, the site offers information about what is going on with players during their down time, and how each club is preparing for spring training and the upcoming season. Baseball games may only be played during summer, but the teams and the players are moving all year round. The MLB site has it all — letting you stay connected to your favorite team while you wait for the first pitch of the season.

Staff Picks: MiLB

milbMiLB is the official site for everything regarding minor league baseball. The site has the typical information — scores, stats, schedules and standings — but it also provides information regarding on which TV station these games can be viewed. Some think it isn’t important to pay attention to the minor leagues, but it is. These players could be the next to hit the World Series winning home run. MiLB has everything you need to know when it comes to all of the minor leagues.



nflFor football fans, the next bowl of all bowls is always just around the corner, and the NFL site has everything you could possibly need to know about the big game and every other game that happens throughout the season. Along with information about games, there are posts about players and their accomplishments (or lack there of), coaching, video, tickets for sale, apparel shops, and all the news making headlines. It’s hard to get tickets to games during the regular season, but if your team made it into the playoffs and are close to the Super Bowl, tickets are ridiculously expensive and even harder to come across. The NFL site has everything you need to know, and it keeps you on top of your game if you couldn’t be in the stands watching. The next football season is coming sooner than you think, so don’t miss out on any of the news with the NFL site.

Staff Pick: CBS Sports

cbssportsMany football games are broadcasted on CBS, so it makes sense to visit the NFL page on CBS Sports. Of course the site has scores, stats, and schedules, but they also have informational tabs for injuries, picks, odds, and the draft, among many others. The CBS page also places an emphasis on the news surrounding the NFL. Scores matter, but that isn’t the only thing that effects a team. CBS posts articles regarding everything football.


Euro Sport

eurosportEuro Sport has you covered when it comes to everything soccer and all of the leagues in Europe. The site has the most updated scores and game information. It also has the most recent and popular news streaming on the side for users to stay up to date on the leagues, teams, and most important information. The news is broken into three categories to make searches easier: Featured, Latest and Popular. Users can also follow players, teams, and leagues on the page so they don’t miss anything that happens. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, encompassing athletes from around the globe. With a sport this big, Euro Sport is the site that has it all to match the sport that has it all.

Staff Pick: World Soccer Talk

worldsoccertalkWorld Soccer Talk has the information one would expect when visiting a sports site, plus information about Major League Soccer (which many sites do not include). Along with all things soccer from all the leagues, World Soccer Talk hosts information about: transfer news, schedules, podcasts, apparel, and forums. Soccer is one of the easier sports to follow along with when playing or watching, and this site makes it easy to follow along from home, too. The world of soccer has a lot to talk about, and World Soccer Talk has it all and then some.



nhlHockey is one of the fastest moving sports, and the NHL site has the speed to keep up with the game. The site posts the usual: top headlines, scores, stats, schedules and links to the team pages. But the site also features video and shows, fantasy league information, 3 stars on ice right now and for the season, blogs, polls, quotes of the day, super saves by goalies, events, tickets and the apparel shops. The NHL site has more information than just the scores and headlines. There is more to hockey than just the scores, and this site covers all of it.

Staff Pick: NBC Sports

nbcThe NBC Sports sites may cover more than just one sport, but they definitely aren’t lacking on their coverage of the NHL. This site has everything you need to keep up with your favorite team, whether you’re following up after a game or staying up to date during a game. NBC sports has their sports pages down, and the NHL page is no different. They know what needs to be covered and they know what the fans want.


Golf Channel

golfchannelAs one of the few sports that has its own television channel, it’s no surprise that the Golf Channel online is completely dedicated to the sport, too. The site features the usual information of scores, news and videos and photos, but the site is more than just that. It’s dedicated to all things golf, not just the scores. The Golf Channel features instruction about different aspects of the game like your swing and lowering your score, among many other topics. Other featured topics include: the best brands and equipment, the golf advisor channel featuring new and opening courses this year, and the top destinations to play a round of golf. The Golf Now section lets you book a tee time at the best courses, and the Golf Channel features a trending feed of the latest news. The Golf Channel has it all, and more.

Staff Pick: Golf Digest

golfdigestGolf Digest is everything golf, not just scores and tournament dates. Golf Digest is also a magazine, and both the print and digital publication feature more than just what is happening in the professional world. While there are posts and stats, etc. regarding the professional golf world, the site really focuses on everything for the average golfer. The site has information and articles about equipment and the best new products for all golfers, instructional video, courses and travel tips, news from the golf world, video, links from the magazine, apps, golf digest women, style and gear and a social media feed. This site is for more than just the professional world — it’s really for anyone who loves the sport and loves to play.


The Huddle

thehuddleThe Huddle is the number one source for all things fantasy football. Fantasy sports has boomed in the last few years, encompassing different leagues, but football is still one of the biggest. The Huddle allows its users to create accounts to keep track of everything involving their team and their players. Every move that happens in the NFL impacts fantasy teams, and The Huddle keeps track of it all. The site also features a draft kit to help users make informed decisions about players they are choosing to pick or trade. For all things fantasy football, The Huddle is the place to start.

Staff Pick: Fox Fantasy

The Foxfoxfantays Fantasy site has everything a fantasy player would need for all their teams, not just one specific sport. The site has the most up to date information about trades, releases, players, stats, etc. for all the fantasy leagues including football, baseball, basketball, and auto. The site also features section devoted to cash games and SIM games. Fox Fantasy is the perfect site to keep track of all your teams in one place.



nikeNo matter where you look today — the street, the field, court, or the pool — you will always see a Nike swoosh. Nike is the one stop site for all the equipment and clothing one could possibly need for sports, or just for exercise in general. Nike continues to push the limits of the clothes we wear, and shoes we work out in. There is something new being released on a frequent basis, improving and setting the standard for athletic equipment and clothing. In addition to all the latest and coolest gear, Nike offers an option to customize shoes allowing you to make them all your own. The site also features pages for the Nike+ line and its products as well as a whole page devoted just to the Jordan brand. The Nike brand has it all, and so does the site.

Staff Pick: Adidas

adidasAdidas is a brand that knows what it’s doing, and the length of time that the brand has been around and the way they’ve been innovating the sport help proves that. Not only does Adidas have products for each sport, but they have classic products that prove the timelessness of the brand. Adidas is also a heavy weight when it comes to the celebrities they have to endorse their products. They know how to pull in the big names and create products that work.


Dick’s Sporting Goods

dicksDick’s Sporting Goods has a slogan stating, “Every season starts at Dick’s”. It’s true — Dick’s has everything you could possibly need for whatever sport you’re involved in. Not only do the stores and sites cover sports, but they have a wide selection of team apparel. Other activities, including camping, are also prominent on the site and in stores. Dick’s has everything, and it’s easy to get lost on the site or in the store when browsing. Dick’s is also always offering deals and discounts, giving you access to your favorite products at a cheaper price.

Staff Pick: Amazon

amazonWe trust Amazon to find us our favorite products at a good price, so when it comes to finding the best sports equipment and apparel, Amazon is still one of the sites we trust. Amazon has everything we are looking for, including what we would find on a big name site (but for a better price). Playing a sport is expensive with everything it requires, but when you order what you need from Amazon, it gets a little easier. With free shipping after a certain amount, delivery to your door and many more perks, Amazon is one of the perfect places to find what you need.


The Olympics

olympicsEvery two years, the world comes together for the sporting event that puts the others to shame. The Olympics are one of the most recognizable sporting events in the world, and for good reason. With an event of that magnitude, it’s only appropriate the the website can match the event. The site has all the information one could need about the most recent games, past games and future games. The site also has all the records from every Olympic event (summer and winter). Besides the basics users may look for when browsing about the Olympics, the site also provides information about mascots from each games, the youth Olympics, the IOC and much much more. It’s hard to get tickets to the games, but it’s not hard to visit the website for it.

Staff Pick: FIFA

fifaThe World Cup only comes around every four years, but the is here to keep us company in the meantime. While we wait for the Cup to return, FIFA has all we need to know to stay caught up with soccer world. From World Cup information for men and women to the most recent news, they cover everything. The site also provides information regarding teams from every country, along with information about junior leagues. FIFA has it all, and it’s sure to keep us busy until the women take their run for a FIFA title.


The Big Lead

thebigleadIn today’s world, anyone can have a blog. That means they can write and give opinions about anything they want. Finding a blog isn’t an issue, but finding a good one may be harder than you think. The Big Lead, USA Today’s sports blog, has what you’re looking for when it comes to a sports blog you can trust. The blog features the top headline stories, as well as stories for each sport on their own page. These posts include topics from all angles, not just why one team won and the other lost. Social media is included as well. The Big Lead has the stories you want to read after you already know the score of a game.

Staff Pick: Rant Sports

rantsportsRant Sports posts articles covering all the major leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, college sports, NASCAR, MMA and more. Rant Sports features the latest news straight out of the sports world, as well and rumors and video. They have the social media channels covered as well. They feature articles across a wide range of topics, but these posts are written in an opinionated style. Most blogs and sites have posts that written more objectively, but is that what fans want? They want to read something with an opinion, not just all facts. Rant Sports has that.



fitocracyFitocracy is more than just a site telling you how much weight to drop, but a site helping you change your life in a fun way. Fitocracy’s mission is to make fitness more fun and a more addictive experience. Fitocracy is an online game and social network using games to help users improve their fitness and their lives. Users can select different activities,  points are rewarded by entering details. Users have to reach a certain number of points to make it to the next level. Fitocracy also provides a social network for users to follow each other, view and comment on their workouts and join different interest groups. Fitocracy is making it fun for people to exercise and lose weight.

Staff Pick: Wello

welloWello allows its users to work out with a trainer through a two way video anywhere in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to make it to the gym, or to find time to meet with a personal trainer. Wello has changed all of that. Users simply enter whether they want to be in a group setting or one-on-one, what type of exercise they want to do and the day, and Wello provides trainers who are available based on the criteria. Wello is making it easy to work out at home (or anywhere, really) and still receive the attention of working with a trainer.

Extreme Sports

X Games

xgamesWhen someone mentions “X Games” your mind automatically goes toward extreme sports. The X Games host the best of the best when it comes to extreme sports. The summer and winter X Games include different sports, but overall the sports covered include: skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, skiing, BMX, rally/motocross. The X Games site has all these sports covered. Within each sport there are different styles and categories athletes participate in and the site has all those athletes covered as well. When it comes to extreme sports, the X Games site has it all and knows it all.

Staff Pick: Grind TV

grindtvGrind TV has everything you need or want to know about extreme sports, outdoor sports and the outdoor lifestyle in general. While other sites focus on the X Games and the news coming out of these events, Grind TV has much more. They’ve broken their site down into three sections: Action (surf, snow, moto, skate), Outdoor (nature, excursions, outposts), and Lifestyle (culture, pro active, instyle, wanted). While focusing on all the sports that fall under the extreme category, Grind TV also focuses on the lifestyle of these sports.


tennisWhen it comes to tennis, is site to visit. updates users on scores, the latest news, videos and photos. Other areas of news include: the latest commentary, features, pro’s game, players and rankings, tips to help you work on your game, gear and multimedia. Everything that is happening in the tennis world can be found on this site. The site also has live coverage and scores of matches and tournaments taking place. The world of tennis can be found in one place,

Staff Pick: Tennis Now

tennisnowTennis Now is also a great source for everything tennis and all that it entails. Along with featured articles, videos and photos and the latest news, Tennis Now has more than just the latest news. The site also includes tabs to click on with information regarding: their magazine, the daily blog, live scores, TV listings, instructions/tips/tutorials for your game, rankings, tournament information, players, and podcasts. Tennis Now has everything you need to know about your tennis game, and the pros.



speedAnything that has to do with racing, Speed has it covered. Racing is in a league of its own — they have their own unique culture and their own unique set of fans. Just like the sport, news updates fast. Speed has the latest and top headlines, a cool car of the day featuring awesome and unique cars and photos. There are also sections dedicated to moto GP, F1, Indy, tudor, super cross racing and Nascar. There is also the Big Board featuring results, schedules, standings, and stats for different races. Everything that has to do with the racing world, Speed has it.

Staff Pick: Racer has everything having to do with racing. The latest, greatest, and newest in the racing world is all covered by Racer. Racer’s magazine forged the way the world of racing is covered with writing and photography that tells the stories of racers better than other publications. Racer is an essential read for any motor sport fan due to its style and substance. The website consists of the same information that magazine publishes, and is a must visit site.



surflineWhen it comes to the world of surfing, Surfline has everything from the board to the wave covered. While the site has the latest topics, and biggest stories to hit the surfing community, they also have a large section of the site dedicated to tracking the weather and the forecast with cams and reports in different regions across North America and around the world. Other areas of interests include travel (featuring the most amazing surf spots and beaches), surf gear and a store. Surfline has everything surfers need to know, and everything fans want to know.

Staff Pick: The Inertia

theintertiaUnlike many surf sites, The Inertia only focuses on articles and photos about surfers and the surfing community. It’s not a site that focuses on the weather or who is winning the next event, but topics that represent the surfing community. With photos and articles about individual surfers, those who come from a surfing family, game changers, and amazing photography, the site is dedicated to the surfing life, not just how big the waves are that day. The site is full of good reads and amazing pictures.



ticketmasterTicketmaster is the one stop shop for all things tickets. They have access to some of the best tickets for all the major league teams and college level. They have tickets for the big leagues, but also have tickets for other sports such as: volleyball, skating, hand ball, rodeo and much much more. Ticketmaster has tickets for it all, so no matter what you’re looking for, just turn to Ticketmaster.

Staff Pick: StubHub

stubhubStubHub has a wide variety of tickets to the games and sporting events you don’t want to miss out on. They have tickets to the hottest games happening now, but they also have tickets to smaller events as well as sports more people don’t think of. They have tickets for everything at price points that can meet anyone’s budget.


Space Jam

space jam

Space Jam is the ultimate classic. If you grew up in the 90s, you probably still have your copy on VHS as well as one on DVD or BlueRay. Michael Jordan agrees to help the Looney Toons play basketball vs. alien invaders to help keep their freedom. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy the mix of Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and the Looney Toones or to know that this is a great movie. It inspires everyone to always lend a helping hand and to always do your best. If you haven’t seen this movie, stop everything your doing and watch it!

Staff Pick: A League of Their Own

A League of Their Owna league of their own is another classic loaded with a big name cast, which tells the story of an era in history many tend to forget or overlook. During WWII many jobs previously filled by men were left vacant when they entered the war. Of those jobs and professions, baseball was one of them. With owners looking to keep the sport alive, they decided to form teams with women. The story highlights the Women’s Baseball League with a cast that couldn’t be more perfect together.

You’re Out….

ump…Of excuses to not visit the best online sites for sports and everything that has to do with sports. This list only scratches the surface when it comes to great sites you should be visiting. We know the sports world is a big one, but we hope this list helps keep you informed by visiting some of the best sites. Make sure to visit our sports portal for more great sources the internet has to offer.

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