Zerply – A More Creative Professional Network Alternative to LinkedIn

Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2012 by

Zerply – Recently we’ve seen a growing trend towards visualizing the traditional, wordy resume, as hungry job seekers try anything to stand out in a very crowded and difficult market. We’ve reviewed services like Re.Vu, Kareer.me, and last week ResumUP. And now we are happy to introduce to you the latest visual contender for the job hunter’s heart: Zerply.

What, another professional social network?!

Zerply’s big idea is to be a mixture between the About.me or DooID free personal website and the LinkedIn professional network. It helps you create an attractive online resume (as you can see from our founder’s ‘experience’ section in the picture below) to be showcased within a network of other people in your line of work. Now don’t worry to all those folks crying out in actual pain at the thought of yet another social network, Zerply makes it extremely easy to have both a more conservative LinkedIn and a more creative Zerply: allowing you to import all your data over, and implementing it in a much more creative, themed page. You can connect with other professionals in fields that interest you by searching with tags, and then following people you want to target. And because it’s still growing, there’s a great chance to avoid the noise of other sites and get noticed, if you sign up now! Click here to have a go, and boost your professional network outside of LinkedIn.


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