Hubii – A New, Location-based Way to Find International News

Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2012 by

Hubii – When searching the internet for news, people usually visit their regular news websites, which means they will always get the same point of view for any current event. Hubii tries to change that by letting you browse through a google-style map, and then click on the local news sites that are more relevant to the issue you’re interested in. It allows you to get the whole picture, and don’t worry, its in your own language.

How does it work?

On  Hubii you can choose what kind of news you read from a variety of different sources. You search for international news sources on a World map with pins letting you know where there’s an abundance of local news sites to browse. Hubii also has a clever filtering system that allows you to follow a news story by selecting the language of the publication, the topics of articles and the sites you want articles to be sourced from. The bottom line is that you can get different news angles on the same story, and stop letting news sites with a certain agenda feed you their one-sided point of view.

And here is what makes it really great!

As a working man I know what mornings look like; you get up, wake up your kids, make breakfast and then have these few precious moments with the morning paper while you drink your coffee… Well, in my case its not actual paper but my laptop, and i spend half my time browsing from one site to the other (even though its easier for me thanks to the AllMyFaves News Directory…)Hubii has another feature that changes that: you can create and curate your own daily web newspaper made of articles from wherever you want, on whatever topic you choose.

Visit  Hubii, don’t be intimidated by its unusual look,  browse it, and make a web newspaper designed by your own agenda.

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