UnitedDogs: Share your passion for your dog!

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 by

Coming all the way from Estonia is UnitedDogs – one of the world’s premier online dog communities. Are you a true lover of man’s best friend? Check this out…

Who (Woof) is your best friend?

The web is stuffed full of websites for pets – and particularly for dog – lovers. UnitedDogs takes pets websites to another level, creating a niche community united around its love for the canine race. It’s got everything from dog forums, to collaborative dog health and care communities to just sharing your passion for your furry best friend!

So you can do anything on UnitedDogs that’s canine related: First create your dog’s profile, upload all your dog photos, start a blog about   all the important things your dog does all day (chasing a ball around, taking a nap on the sofa), interact with other dog owners and make new best dog-friends and just have fun!

UnitedDogs is a community that helps you to take better care of your dog by receiving advice from others and sharing your knowledge in the dog forums. If by any chance you are a cat lover (god forbid…;)) you can check out UnitedDog’s brother: Unitedcats, which has the exact same concept, only for cats. So check UnitedDogs out and find other dog addicts like yourself!

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