Sleepio: Finding It Hard To Sleep? Not Any More…

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2012 by

Sleepio is an innovative solution for sleeping disorders, it offers a 6 week program, clinically proven, to help you overcome your poor sleep. Finding it hard to sleep? What you waiting for!

Your body deserves a good night’s sleep

If you’ve come this far it’s safe to assume you’re having the odd trouble sleeping. It happens to the best of us, which is why the genius minds behind Sleepio have come up with an innovative 6 week online course that will put you on the healthy sleeping routine you so badly need.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

Sleepio co-founder, Peter Hames, explained to us this week more about the service his startup provides:

“Sleepio is a clinically-proven online sleep improvement programme. Each week your virtual sleep expert The Prof gives you a selection of personalised CBT techniques, tools to put them into practice and the support of an online community. 

Up until now poor sleepers have had no evidence-based solution aside from sleeping pills. Sleepio is that solution; it has been shown in trials to be more effective than sleeping pills in helping persistent poor sleepers, and the benefits are natural and long-term.

Sounds great doesn’t it. Mind you, Sleepio isn’t free, so it has to be pretty good! Before you pay, make sure to take the short test that shows whether the program will be effective or not for you. If nothing else, take the test and see, you may find the sleeping solution you are looking for.



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