The Next Draw Something: Sing Something – App of the Week!

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 by

Brace yourself. Sing Something- a new social singing game – might just be your next app addiction…

Is Sing Something the next Draw Something?

Sing Something is a game that takes the concept of Draw Something and asks you to instead to exactly what the game suggests: sing something.  Users select songs from a given library. Your friend then listens to you sing the selected song and tries to guess what you are singing. When you receive a song from a friend, you have blank dashes that correspond to the number of words and letters to the title of the song that you can use to add your guesses to, similar to Draw Something.

You both get coins for the correct answer which can be used for unlocking more content or for getting an ads-free app! Even better, if you become a fan of the Sing Something app on Facebook you can earn extra coins as well. How easy is that?

Not as easy as you think

The app isn’t exactly karaoke.  Unlike karaoke, which gives you lyrics as you sing,  players ofSing Something can choose from a list of over 1,000 songs, but are not provided lyrics to the song. So, how to do you know what to sing? The game doesn’t leave you totally hanging. There is a link to YouTube you can tap to watch the song’s video and get a better idea as what to sing. The good news: the idea behind the app is not to get the exact lyrics correct, but to sing the song well enough that a friend is able to guess which song you’ve chosen.

 All My Faves Bottom Line:

Sing Something can be quite addictive. Sign up with Facebook and show your friends that you are the next idol! It will be fun like you have never experienced it before. Maybe…









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