Beautiful/Decay: Contemporary art, alive and kicking!

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 by

Beautiful/Decay is a daily art blog with a focus on “experimental, grotesque, and groundbreaking art”.

Art from the underground…

On Beautiful/Decay you will find info concerning art events, artists interviews and info about the Beautiful/Decay products. But above all, you will find an amazing collection of photos of innovative contemporary art.

Originally Beautiful/Decay was magazine with photos of the street art pieces made by founder Amir H. Fallah’s and his friends. Over time the magazine became internationally distributed and now Beautiful/Decay is a limited edition art book series. This blog is an extension of the books series and tries to carry its original youthful sense of rebellion and experimentation.

Browse through Beautiful/Decay and you have my promise that your senses will be challenged.

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