Summify – The Smart Readers Filter

Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by

Summify – Readers accounts (such as Google Reader, Netvibes, etc.) are a great way to stay connected with news and updates of all your blog subscriptions or RSS. But when you add all your Facebook friends’ feeds and Twitter updates, all that information can be overwhelming and time consuming. Summify is here to break it down for you, allowing you to focus on the ‘more important’ updates, leaving out the trivial ones.

How does it do it? Generally speaking, Summify identifies the most shared and discussed items within your areas of interest, and makes these top priority. I took Summify for a test run and was impressed. See the screen shot below of my Summify page based on my Google Reader account. See the video below for an animated explanation of what Summify is all about.

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