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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

Sports are more fun when your watching with friends, but with everyone’s hectic schedules it’s impossible to get together for all the games. With the SportStream app you can connect online and experience sports with friends no matter where you are!

It’s sports, it’s social, it’s our app of the week…

SportStreamour latest app of the week – is possibly the best companion to sports games you can get on the iPad, and it’s free. You can’t stream live games on the app, but it’s got everything else you need to enjoy your favorite sports games: You can discuss sports by joining chat rooms, posting to twitter and connecting with Facebook.

Watching the game alone? Not with SportStream!

Watching the game by yourself will no longer feel so lonely as SportStream – naturally, being a social sports app – will connect you with like-minded friends and fans. You also won’t miss the chance to trash talk your friends when your favorite team’s embarrassing theirs!

What if I can’t get to a TV in time for the game?

SportStream solves this problem as well by providing live scoring, play-by-play, player stats and team stats. Using SportStream you’ll feel like your watching the game on TV… sort of! For those very unfortunate days when you miss the whole game all together, SportStream’s game recap will fill you in on all you missed too.

AllMyFaves Bottom Line:

If you’re watching the game alone or with friends, SportStream is a free, social sports app that makes the perfect sports game companion. Click here to learn more and download SportStream.

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