Star Pirate: Inception – Play The Space Game of the Week!

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

If flying through Space, shooting enemy rockets is your thing, you’re going to love Star Pirate: Inception. Read more and play our AllMyFaves free, online game of the week here!

Star trekking, across the Universe…

Star Pirate: Inception is a surprisingly elaborate game for a free, online flash game. You control a mini rocket and use your keyboard to fly around Space, avoiding meteors, shooting enemy rockets and then looting them for better gear and upgrades.

You get a top-down view, and can fly in any direction – it’s a little fiddly and challenging, but definitely fun. We’d say Star Pirate: Inception is probably as good a space shooter as you’re going to find for free! Your single goal is to destroy enemy units to survive all 12 missions, collecting and looting to upgrade your gear as you fly along (hence the ‘Star Pirate’ name!)

Click here to have a quick play! And don’t forget to check out our other shooting games at AllMyFaves Games 🙂


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