Simplenote – Shared Notes and Lists

Posted on Monday, January 17th, 2011 by

Simplenote – This handy tool by Simplenote is a great (and free!) organizational service you will appreciate. Aside from the obvious note keeping, you can share notes and lists with friends and family, and access all of these on multiple devices -including PC, Mac and most smartphones- that are automatically updated with any changes you or others make to these notes.

Managing your notes and lists is super easy and fun. I gave it a try on my iPhone, and here are the Simplenote perks I loved: you can see each entry’s word and character count, which is useful if you wish to share it via web or phone, you can pin specific items to the top if priorities sudden change, and you can view each list/note in full screen mode. Simplenote is super versatile in terms of operating devices and publishing options. If you’re not a big mobile device fan, it’s good to know you can always use their Web app.

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