Sevenly Shares, Wears, and Cares their way to Success

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 by

Sevenly is not another retail company, on it you will find lifestyle products that help fund charity projects across the globe. They sell each product for 7 days and give $7 of every product sold directly to that week’s charity.

When Social Media Meets Social Good

Sevenly is a great example of how one can channel the immense online retail and social media world into doing good and making a difference. They aim to engage people in philanthropy but realize that most people have never supported a charity before, so asking for a monetary donation will antagonize them. Instead, they decided to encourage people to donate their social influence first. Next, their site allows people to purchase a product that gives money to a cause they support, this way they are encouraged to connect deeper with these charities. Sevenly believes that people matter, it’s a movement to create fashionable lifestyle products that help fund charity projects in 7 areas of need across the globe.

Making Money and Raising Awareness can Coexist!

Now you must realize that Sevenly is a for-profit social good company (similar to TOMS Shoes or Warby Parker…), it is a business that strives to make money but they do not consider philanthropy as a marketing gig, helping others seems to genuinely be it’s main cause. By creating weekly cause campaigns where people could purchase lifestyle products that benefited a partner charity, Sevenly successfully unlocked a way to not only raise major funding but huge awareness too. Try to imagine Amazon contributing a book for the less fortunate for every book they sell… If you ask me I’d  rather see this company becoming a retail monster, knowing some of my money will get to those who needs it most.

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