Gatunes – Listen to Music Online with this New Music Community

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Gatunes is a new YouTube based music social network where you can enjoy creating your own playlists, share music with friends and discovering new sounds.

Discover and Share Music

Everyone loves music. Gatunes is a new site that tries to help you consume your music the right way with easy to create playlists, a nice discovery platform and an ambitious social aspiration. Located in the beautiful city of Madrid, the Gatunes team brings us a YouTube Based music streaming site with an appealing interface and a very intuitive and easy to use discovery system where you easily add playlists to your user, thus creating a unique list of other people’s playlists, while sharing your playlists with them.

Revolutionary? Maybe…

Gatunes is far from being revolutionary if you only look at the technology it uses, we have seen tons of YouTube based music streaming sites and even reviewed some of them (Wavo, Everyone’s Mixtape, Sworly, etc.). The problem with most of these products is that it’s hard for them to compete with giants like Spotify, Rdio and Deezer… So what is so different about Gatunes? Probably it’s young artists oriented social angle.

Brings Fans and Artists Together!

 On Gatunes artists can have their own personal page, determine the opinions and impact of their music on their community, moreover they can create events and keep in touch with their followers. It strives to become a platform where new artists can communicate with their potential fans and even inform them about their next gigs. So whether you have a band and you want to promote it or you just love music and want to be part of a community that shares your passion, Gatune is a nice alternative to the music platforms you already know.

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