Schemer: Never be bored again! Always have a Scheme…

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 by

Ever wonder what to do? Schemer can help. It is a sharing platform for schemes, yours & others. Always have a resource of Schemes you planned, & discover other cool things you can do with your time!

Got nothing to do? here’s an idea:

When I’m bored I must admit, I don’t usually think, “oh what scheme should I take on now?”. That may be about to change however, because Schemer has been invented so that you will never grow bored. It’s a website and accompanying mobile app filled with stuff to do when you’re bored (or, well, ‘schemes’!), whether you’re at home or out ‘n’ about.

Schemer knows where you are through Google’s location grabber so it can even suggest the perfect scheme for the moment, for example if it’s a rainy day, Schemer will even suggest a movie for you to watch, or if it’s a weekend morning, you’ll be pointed in the direction of a hot, new local brunch spot!  Sound clever? That’s because it is!

Grew up in a small, modest, humble home…

In case you didn’t know, Schemer is a baby product of no other then mighty Google… Which kinda explains how Schemer manages to be so beautifully designed and boasts such a smooth interface. The site really is intuitive and perfectly user friendly.

I like to think of Schemer as a sort of free time management app. I’ve got my time management apps and tools to sort out the things I have to do. And now I’ve got Schemer for all the things I want to do! Give it a try, you will never have a boring moment again!


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