RunKeeper – Workout Technology Providing Real-Time Feeds You Can Share

Posted on Monday, February 7th, 2011 by

RunKeeper – Since the iPhone and Android came out, workouts have never been so easy to track, measure and plan ahead. Although RunKeeper is not the first fitness app to facilitate fitness activities and reaching workout goals, this software is an amazing tool all runners and gym fans will surely appreciate, particularly since RunKeeper’s mobile app is free.

You can upload past workouts and provide all the relevant details from memory or, from your Polar device (duration, calories, distance, heart rate and more), or track your activities in real-time using your mobile device (app features GPS tracking, audio interval cues, iPod integration, social network sharing). Click the image below to get to the mobile app download page – it’s free! In addition to the mobile app, make use of RunKeeper’s Fitness Classes, which will put you on your path to several running goals (5K, 10K runs, half a marathon, a whole marathon, or a weight-loss track).

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