PostPost – Your Own Facebook Newspaper

Posted on Monday, February 28th, 2011 by

PostPost – Stay on top your network of Facebook friends by exploring the news feeds through a unique, newspaper-like medium, PostPost. Instead of going to facebook each time and scrolling down to see what your friends have posted, see the entire collection of real-time posts in a much more conformable way to digest all of that info.

This is what my personal Facebook newspaper looks like, using PostPost’s interface. As you can see, you can interact with, comment on and share each post.

I must say, it was a refreshing experience to be part of Facebook without actually going to the Facebook site. I honestly hope PostPost will catch on, but I doubt the vast majority of Facebook users would use an external site to keep track with Facebook posts, especially those created within their network of friends. It certainly is a nice try though. To learn more about PostPost, here’s an intro video.

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