Hopflow: Discover, Connect and Share Stuff you are Passionate About!

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by

Hopflow is a new platform that helps users discover and share content through following specific topics rather than individual sources, creating a vast feed that is based on your personalized interests.

Follow your Interests!

Most people discover and share content about the things they are passionate about using  Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and other platforms that generate constant streams of information. These information streams have become flooded with spam, the percentage of tweets or facebook posts that come across your feed or timeline that you really find interesting are getting smaller and smaller. Hopflow is a fast, simple and dynamic way for you to connect, discover and share the things you love with like-minded people – all without having to search for, follow or like people and sources. By joining Hopflow through the mobile app or web platform, you choose to receive content from a wide selection of topics based solely on your personal interests.

A Beautiful Platform to Follow your Passions!

After a quick registering through either Facebook or Twitter, you state your interests and instantly a vast feed of your favorite topics is ready for you. The ‘flow’ is a beautifully image-based designed feed of stories and conversations outside of your current social networks. When you ‘Like’ a Hop, Hopflow’s algorithm learns what you find interesting and automatically fine-tunes your content stream to deliver even more targeted and relevant content. Hopflow aims to lead a paradigm shift that takes you away from simply following sources and allows you to connect with your interests, the concept is content oriented and if it will gain users can become quite revolutionary… Try this new social content aggregate and see if its your cup of tea.


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