Incursion: Exterminate Evil in our Strategic Tower Defense Game of The Week!

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by

Incursion is a tower defense game with a strategic twist, it will make you fight waves of evil spawn using three different units that can be upgraded to fulfill your strategic needs.

A Tower Defense Game with a twist:

Incursion’s interface is simple; each map consists of a road where the enemy hordes travel on their way to destroy mankind… alongside the road barracks are stationed, waiting for you to occupy them. The enemy can swarm through different roots so you have to think while deciding where you want to place your troops, also you have three different units to choose from: Fighters, Archers and Wizards. You are the one who decides which unit will be placed and where, you can place up to three units in each of your towers and they can be any three, It doesn’t have to be all of one type.

A Great Upgrading System!

The strategic part of Incursion is impressive, you don’t have to fill each barracks but once you do, you can begin to upgrade the troops housed there. As you progress, an upgrade tree becomes available, giving you even more customization for your strategy. Your wizards can slow enemies or use chain lightning, the archers can upgrade to mortars with splash damage and your fighters can be upgraded to Ninjas! Every time you finish a level you gain gems which allows you to upgrade your army’s general stats such as attack range and cost to train. Incursion was inspired by games like Kingdom Rush and Warcraft III and it shows on both gameplay and graphics, but the result is a fun and challenging Strategic Tower Defense that will blow your mind and waste a lot of your time!


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