GoPollGo – Socialized Surveys

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2011 by

GoPollGo – Everyone loves posts. Even when I’m not voting for or against the relevant issue, it’s always interesting to see what’s the trend among voters. Now there’s an easy and fun way to create, vote on and share polls of your choosing, thanks to GoPollGo. You can use this platform to find an honest reponse to a question you may have, or to stir a healthy discussion in the community. My personal favorite popular poll is When you have a question, where do you look first? GoPollGo is particulalry useful to researchers both novice and experienced, as much of the research in social studies is based on anonymous polls.

Creating your own poll is easy as voting. Simply sign in with either Twitter or Facebook connect and hit Create New Poll. Here’s how simple it is to get your poll on its way:

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