Giftiki: Why Crowd Sourcing Gifts Makes Happier Birthdays

Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2012 by

Giftiki – Every birthday when I was younger was always slightly disappointing when it came to gifts from my friends – from receiving old pens and coins as a ten year old, to going shopping, not knowing what to buy and ending up being owed money by friends who agreed to contribute to my birthday gift but never forked out for it. If you’ve had similar issues, and want to avoid cheap / awkward gifts, keep clear accounts and your friendships safe, Giftiki has a group gifting solution for you: Crowd sourcing birthday gifts! 

Avoid cheap… Chip in!

Giftiki is a cool new way to get huge gifts by having all your friends chip in a little bit.” This sentence (handily provided by Giftiki themselves) perfectly sums up what they provide: a crowd sourcing / group gifting service where you and your friends all add a small amount to a central gift pool, which can then be accessed by the recipient and spent how the recipient wants to spend it. This is particularly key to the usefulness of Giftiki – you can recieve the money as a gift card, mailed to the receiver; cash out with a prepaid debit card; or even can use your gifted funds to re-gift your friends. The best part is, neither you nor your friend need a Giftiki account, just a Facebook one… and there’s no hidden fees lurking around the corner either.

Our bottom line on Giftiki:

There’s definitely traction in the idea of crowd sourcing gifts from a group of friends – it gives more security, clarity about who’s paid up and who’s not, and most importantly, you can score one big gift from a bunch of little ones! So click here to check out Giftiki. 

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