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Dvour is not just another recipes website, where you find your dinner recipes from a list of professional blogs and celebrity chefs. Dvour is an online social cooks community of normal people sharing delicious recipes online, while organizing their own cookbooks at the same time.

Cooking your best friend’s best dinner recipes has never been easier…

By far the most unique aspect of this new, interesting website is how it flies against the grain of the rest of the online recipes websites. Dvour is all about being social – you upload your favorite recipes, create your own personal online cookbook, and use Facebook to share it and peek at your friends’ own versions.

Dvour also makes it very easy to create and upload your own online recipes with its user-friendly guided recipe creation tool. If you are interested in discovering new recipes you can either browse specifically or randomly, and whenever you go through a recipe you can find similar recipes if you scroll down.

Bottom line:

Dvour is not the first recipe site with the social angle. It’s also still small, which means the recipes are a little thin on the ground so far. But at least you know the ones that are on it are from real people, which makes it a very interesting one to watch as it grows. In this reviewer’s opinion it’s a true all-round cooking lover’s website-in-the-making: both for discovering new recipes and for gathering the ones you like in your cookbook, and a very nice sharing recipe platform. I’m a former chef, and I liked it – I’m sure you will too!









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