Gabi – A New Way To Browse Facebook On Your Mobile

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 by

Over 60% of people who use Facebook do it from their mobile. If you’re one of them, and you’re as frustrated as we are with the content Facebook’s app is bringing you, Gabi has a very beautiful solution…

Gabi: Reimagining Facebook for Mobile

Since its inception, Facebook has always had problems with its mobile app. There’s just so much content, so many photos, so many links, shares… and so many friends!

And so far, Facebook just hasn’t found a solution to cramming all that into one iPhone app. That’s where the intriguing Gabi – our app of the week – steps in.


Gabi is a $1 app that offers a completely new way of browsing Facebook on the iPhone. Instead of viewing absolutely everything through your newsfeed, Gabi sorts only the best content for you, based on what you like to see. It does that by letting you create and ask questions out of a wide range of templates, like “who are my single female friends?”, or “which of my friends is liking my pictures the most?”

There’s over 100 templates of questions to ask Gabi, so you’ll personalize your new mobile Facebook browser in no time, in a way that not only puts the most relevant content in front of you first, but does it absolutely beautifully.

Bottom Line:

Gabi actually looks better than Facebook’s own mobile version: it’s right up there among the best Facebook apps for iPhone, and if nothing else, is definitely the most imaginative! Click here to check out Gabi for iPhone.


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