AFP e-Diplomacy Hub: Learn About US Foreign Policy on Twitter

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The AFP e-diplomacy hub is a superb, interactive guide to online diplomacy in action. It helps you scrutinize the e-diplomacy (via Twitter) of major World powers across the globe.

Online Diplomacy Unfathomed

AFP’s e-diplomacy hub takes you to the core of the digital diplomacy strategies being employed by world powers and their enemies and allies. In plain English, ‘digital diplomacy’ – or ‘e-diplomacy’ – is the use of social media by governments and embassies across the world to promote their country, her causes, and international relations. Possibly the biggest social media platform on the digital diplomacy stage is Twitter, and that’s what AFP focuses on with this analytical tool for e-diplomacy.

The idea behind the AFP’s tool is to make it easy to keep up with everything yours or other countries are doing on Twitter in relation to international relations. So the map above for example is a map of all the global embassies the US is in touch with on Twitter. You can click on any one to see the latest tweets between the two countries, and learn more about the relations with each.

Among the absolute best features on the AFP e-diplomacy hub is without a doubt its impressively balanced, apolitical and informative coverage of some of the world’s most significant a-symmetrical conflicts – or conflicts between a country and a terrorist organization (see for example the information I took above about Israel’s on-going battle with Islamist terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah).

Again, you can see all the latest trends and tweets from key figures and commentators on both sides of all the conflict. It certainly gives a useful insight and a sense of perspective on how well your country is managing its digital diplomacy on Twitter!

Click here to explore the AFP e-diplomacy hub and learn for yourself.

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