FinancialQ: No need to gamble with this financial advice community

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 by

FinancialQ is a Swiss startup creating a social advice community revolving stocks and finance.
FinancialQ’s platform allows you to follow your stocks’ and investments’ progress realistically as you watch their greens and reds, and allows you to see the news feeds that led to this affect.


An easy way to learn from the best stock market investors

The social aspect of FinancialQ allows you to follow investors & traders who – based on their own stocks portfolio and online reputation – have opinions that appear worth taking into account while you consider your own stock market purchases. Gaining reputation at FinancialQ gives you more wight on stocks surveys and who knows, maybe one day having a high FinancialQ rank will mean something in the financial world as well…

An added value for any investor

The most unique feature FinancialQ has is the sentiment feature. It shows you the community’s reaction to a specific stock, tipping you on whats hot right now and what other people consider as a dangerous investment.

All in all FinancialQ seems like a good tool for stocks investors, pros and beginners alike, and I’m sure that once it picks up a little it will be an even more efficient one. The tutorials are pretty much idiot proof (even I understood them!), so i suggest you sign in and get financially educated a little.

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