Personal Assistants: No Longer Just For CEOs

Posted on Monday, May 28th, 2012 by

Ever wanted your own personal assistant, but thought you couldn’t afford it? Fancy Hands is a New York City based virtual, personal assistant company created and staffed in the USA. Customers primarily use Fancy Hands as a personal time-saving tool for small one-time tasks, like restaurant reservations, online research, and quick event planning.

FANCY HANDS – Your very own team of virtual, personal assistants

There is almost nothing that Fancy Hands can’t handle, only with the exception of making purchases like airline tickets, or hotel reservations. Although Fancy Hands doesn’t yet have the technology to book travel reservations, they can purchase things for you such as lunch, movie tickets and office supplies. How? Simply send a request like you normally would, then one of your fancy assistants will get back to you to approve the final price. Once you click “Approve” you’ll be charged immediately, and the chosen assistant make sure your order goes through without any hiccups. Don’t worry, not what you want? You can also decline the payment, or just email the assistant back asking for a change.

How to make a request:

Request tasks via email, phone or the web from anywhere in the world. If you’re comfortable using email, the web, or a telephone, you’ll have no trouble asking Fancy Hands to do things for you. When you submit a task, it’s assigned to a US based assistant who’ll begin working on it right away. The best part about it, you don’t have to worry about language or cultural barriers. With the professional package, you can make up to 15 requests for $45 dollars a month with no hourly fees.

Types of requests:

Restaurant: “I’m heading to New York next week, can you find 3 reasonably priced (but nice!) places in Soho to eat?”

Research: “Can you find a list of 10 twitter users who work at LinkedIn and have more than 200 followers?”

Travel: “Can you call my airline and tell me how much it would cost to upgrade my flight? (Find out how many miles would it cost too).”

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Fancy Hands is a great personal time-saving tool to get the extra hand you always needed. You should focus on what’s important, let Fancy Hands focus on the rest.



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