CircleMe: A social network for ‘like’-minded people

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 by

Circleme is an innovative social network that allows you to connect with ‘like’-minded people (excuse the pun!) With Circleme you can manage the things you love (restaurants, books, movies, parks, etc) and discover new passions effortlessly.

How does Circleme differ from every other social networking site?

The main way CircleMe is different is that it focuses only on what you actually like more than any other. You add all the things you like to your own profile, and then find other people that like the same things. You connect with them, and build up networks for all the things you’re passionate about.

So you can discover stuff you’re going to like by connecting with other like-minded people (instead of simply “friends” on Facebook, who might actually not have that many ‘likes’ in common with you…). It’s called ‘circling’ and it all takes place from a hub of stunning, visual profiles.

‘Plant’ your ‘likes’ around town

Another cool part of Circleme is that you can “plant” items around town. For example if you found a great coffee shop you can “plant” it and that will let other like-minded people on CircleMe see where it is and try it out.

This is an intriguing feature: the biggest buzzwords in the tech world at the moment are ‘social’, ‘local’, ‘mobile’ (they’re so popular they’ve even been amalgamated into one: “SoLoMo”!), and CircleMe takes advantage of all three with its iPhone app by letting you plant and discover ‘likes’ across your local area.

Bottom Line

CircleMe tries something a bit different in the social network world. It’s all about likes, and connecting with ‘like’-minded people to help you share and discover cool stuff you that actually interests you.

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