A Mother’s Journey: 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 by

A Mother’s Journey is a beautiful, but absolutely heartbreaking vision into the story of a mother and her terminally ill son.

A Mother’s Journey should never have to be this way

The 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner for feature photography, ‘A Mother’s Journey’, came back into our inbox this week quite randomly, and stirred up such strong emotions all around the AllMyFaves HQ that we simply had to include it as a Weekly Fave.

It’s an utterly heartbreaking, but equally inspiring, look into the final year of a young boy’s life and his relationship with his incredible mother, before passing away from a devastating tumor that would eventually engulf his body.

The photography is just astounding, capturing every emotion along what really is an awful journey. You see beautiful moments like Cyndie letting her son Derek drive down their road on her knee because he would never have the chance to take a driving test, mixed in with the truly terrible moments of suffering. And to the photographer’s credit, he never shies away from them.

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