Try: Try Clothes for Free Before Buying

Posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 by

try1Try is a Chrome extension that lets you try clothes for free before paying for them.

A Truly Useful Chrome Extension

try3I never thought a Chrome extension, let alone one that requires a $2.99/month payment, would be one of the best sites of the week. But Try is such a unique concept that it was deserving of a spot on our weekly faves. The extension lets you try clothes from online stores for a period of 7-days. You simply check out using the Try button, which covers the cost of the shipment. Once your clothes arrive, you get a week to decide whether or not you want to keep them. Send whatever you don’t want back, and pay nothing. Keep what you want, and Try charges you directly.


$2.99/month for Free Clothes

try2For those that regularly shop for clothes online, Try is definitely worth it. For those that only buy the occasional item online, installing and paying for the Chrome extension is probably less worth the cost. Most online retailers already let you send back whatever you don’t like or whatever clothes fit. Try just adds the convenience for not having to pay for anything up front. Then again, you have to pay them $2.99 per month, so there are pros and cons to the deal. Still, Try isĀ an inventive idea for a Chrome extension that has the potential to improve the experience of many online shoppers.


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