Try On Glasses Online In A 3D Virtual Fitting Room

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 by

Ditto – There’s never been an easy way to shop for glasses online. Everybody’s head is a different shape for a start, so how on earth are you going to know what fits yours, simply by looking at a glossy photo of a pair of glasses on a website? And that’s why Ditto has created an utterly cool way of shopping for glasses online: with a 3D virtual fitting room… You’ll need to see it to believe it!

You’ll need to see Ditto to believe it

Both Roy (our founder and glasses sporting, weekly faves finding guru) and myself (equally glasses sporting, slightly less guru-like) tried out Ditto extensively this week, and both came to the same conclusion: There literally isn’t another way either of us would buy new glasses or sunglasses online than through a website like Ditto’s: it’s a cool (albeit novelty) 3D virtual fitting room for its online glasses store, where you can actually try on any of the glasses and sunglasses on sale, simply by using your webcam!

Whether you trust it or not – and whether you actually need new glasses or not, Ditto’s glasses shop is definitely worth trying, if for nothing more than a bit of fun to see what glasses would or wouldn’t suit you!


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