9 Cool Websites for Moms: Mother’s Day 2012

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This one goes out to all the tech savvy (and not-so-tech-savvy) moms who just want some cool websites to play with, in honor of Mother’s Day 2012. We’ve selected some of the best of the Parenting Faves (our hand curated homepage for parents). Enjoy the list!

9 Cool Websites for Moms: Mother’s Day 2012

As Newman memorably announces, “the Mother of all mail days has come”! Yep, Mothers Day 2012 is officially here. Newman (being a postman) would probably want you to send a card or a letter, but that’s so old fashioned! So here’s the perfect gift to your mom on their day: the best selection of the websites from our Parenting Faves that are inspired or meant for them. (Don’t worry, if you take credit for finding such awesome sites, we won’t tell… Our little secret!)


1. Most Inspiring Moms

MAKERS – Being a mom is probably one of the most important jobs in the world: when you raise a child, you’re basically defining the man he’s going to be, for right or wrong. But it’s not the only path a woman can choose. Makers is the site that celebrates the achievements, careers and groundbreaking moments of some of America’s most inspirational women. The website offers a dynamic library of exclusive video interviews produced by Emmy Award-winning and Oscar nominated filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West, and Peter Kunhardt, and developed by PBS & AOL. If you wanna feel empowered, don’t miss a chance to dive into Makers, where you’ll realize it’s never too late to take initiative!


2. Most Creative Gift for your Kid

CHILD’S OWN STUDIO – One of the most important rules of being a mom is to be aware that your son or daughter is the most amazing kid in the world. Now what would you think of giving your child a toy as unique and special as him? That’s the idea behind Child’s Own Studio, where your kid’s drawing is the starting point of a collaborative project. The aim is to reproduce it in cuddly toy form as accurately as possible so that it is immediately recognizable. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate your children’s art and imagination. Check out Wendy Tsao’s awesome creations here.


3. Best for Working Moms

SAVVYSUGAR – If being a professional is a hard core job and being a mom is an even harder – but always more satisfying – one, imagine being a professional, working mom. SavvySugar provides women with the tips, advice and tools needed to make informed decisions about their personal finances and careers. The site offers offer “insider access, unparalleled editorial and video content, and unique shopping experiences to an influential generation of women.” Are you one of them?


4. Most Useful Service for New Moms

HONEST.com – The Honest Company is an “effective, unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable” brand of baby products bundling together all-natural diapers & wipes, soaps, shampoos, detergents, lotions and balms… delivered straight to your door each month. The company started by the Hollywood star-turned-real-life mommy saver Jessica Alba and serial daddy entrepreneur Christopher, offers a FREE TRIAL FOR THE FIRST MONTH, a non expensive monthly subscription, and best of all… a way out of the stress of shopping for diapers! A one-stop solution for new moms? Let us know what you think!


5. Best Way to Find a Babysitter

URBAN SITTER – Whatever age your kids, you’re a busy mom: you’re entitled to spend some time alone. Of course the point when mothers realise this, they become students in a course named “How to leave children at home without freaking out”. Leaving your kids in the hands of a complete stranger is one of every parent’s biggest fears, but with Urban Sitter’s awesome concept,  these fears can come to an end. Clearly made by parents, for parents, Urban Sitter provides a location-based babysitter marketplace, which helps you find a sitter in your area, mixed in with a Facebook recommendations program that helps you find only the most trusted person to look after your kids. So what’s it to be then tonight, movies or dinner? Or both! Click here to find a trustworthy babysitter through UrbanSitter.


6. Best for the Deal Seeking Mom

DEAL SEEKING MOM – The frugal idea behind this website belongs to Tara Kuczykowski, a married mom of three boys and two girls, ages 4 to 10 years, living in Columbus, OH. As a stay-at-home mom, she challenged herself to cut costs on her family’s basic needs, to have more disposable income for the things in life that make it worth living. That’s why her blog is all about introducing other moms to the basics of coupon’ing in order to tighten those budgets and make room for an occasional splurge. It’s never too late to reconcile champagne tastes with a tap-water budget, and you’ll find plenty of freebies and great deals to keep you going. So click here and get frugal with the Deal Seeking Mom.


7. Best for Moms Outside of Working Hours

HOUSEPARTY – Most moms, especially those with kids of school age, can be very competitive. And what better way to defeat the competition than throwing a party no mom in the neighborhood can ever forget? If you wanna be one of those cool moms that rocks the parties, check out this super idea: HouseParty lists brand-themed parties that you can apply to host on a particular date, and if you’re chosen to host, you receive a bumper party pack filled with free goodies from that brand to make your event memorable. Who wouldn’t want to host a fun, different houseparty with a great theme… and mostly paid for by a famous brand?! Maybe you should share your new discovery with the Deal Seeking Mom, never mind your own.


8. Best for Mom Approved Recipes / Breakfast in Bed

FOOD NETWORK MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL – Ok so everybody knows Food Network (it’s one of our most popular sites on the Recipes Faves!) But we thought this would be a nice little share: Food Network’s really upped its game for its Mothers Day 2012 special, providing a whole host of recipe ideas for moms to feast on this Mothers Day. So if you’re looking for some good breakfast in bed ideas, click here to check out Food Network’s offerings this year. I can’t really decide which one is the better Mothers Day gift on the site: the brunch in bed or the cucumber butter tea sandwiches in the afternoon… Can you?


9. Best App to Capture Mothers Day Memories

STORYTREE – Being a mom is a job that includes multiple tasks: cooking, getting the kids ready for school, helping with the homework, showering and dressing the smallest ones… and of course, keeping a memory of all these not-so-important, but always precious moments. And that’s where this handy little iPhone app steps in (okay it’s not a website, but hey, it’s brilliant!). Story Tree is an app dedicated to helping you preserve your precious family memories and to share them with the ones you love. So by clicking here, you can make Mother’s Day 2012 an opportunity to start collecting every little memory with your growing family.



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