Threadflip Review: Second Hand Fashion Shopping Just Got Easier

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

An online second hand clothes sale with real vintage style

There’s an interesting statistic that’s been floating around the All My Faves HQ this week (found by yours truly of course :)): Apparently most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time! But why are we wasting our old clothes, locking them away in a closet when someone else might think they have vintage style! Too much of a pain to get rid of them? Well not anymore, because Threadflip has built an online outlet mall for second hand fashion shopping and sales!

Making second hand fashion shopping & selling more reliable…

There’s always been an upside and a downside to buying vintage clothes and other style items second hand, online: the amazing prices often measure against the risk of buying low quality items. Threadflip solves this by bringing you “What’s Hot” at the best deal! Whether in its intuitive shopping or excellent selling section, Threadflip makes it just so simple to trade second hand fashion and vintage clothing items. In the shopping section, after you complete a little survey about your size, your favorite colors and brands and most importantly, your personal style, the main page always displays the best fits for you in terms of all your choices. And the selling section is, in this reviewer’s opinion, even better: you simply post any item you don’t want yourself, or take advantage of “The White Glove Service”, which allows you to send your unwanted items to Threadflip to photograph in a pre-paid box that arrives at your door when you ask for it… and they sell your fashion items and gently worn clothes for you. Win win!

Until now, there’s never been a fashion shopping website that made it so simple to sell second hand clothes, and at the same time buy from others the little, unwanted jewels with vintage style hidden in their closets…  So instead of imagining cashing 80% of the money your unwanted clothes are worth and being able to spend it on the 20% you actually need, just click here to try out Threadflip!

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