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Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 by

Ever buy a product thinking you were getting a great deal only to see the exact same product at a different store for half the price?

I know I have and it hurts, but this Weekly Fave could help stop the pain… On TheFind you can type in any product and it will show a simple comparison of all the websites selling that product with the different prices.

Can you really compare prices on any product?

Yes virtually every desirable product can be found on TheFind (hence the name…). So if you’re looking for clothing, electronics, instruments, food or really anything you can think of, TheFind can help you get it for the best price.

Think of it as a Google for shopping: You search a product and TheFind shows you pictures of that product from all the different websites selling it. You then simply click on the product, get redirected to the website selling it, and can purchase it directly from them.

Bottom Line

Finding the best deal online is really tough with so many different sites out there. TheFind is a well designed, simple comparison website that’s definitely worth a try to ensure you are getting the best deal for the product you desire.


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