Printstagram – Print your favorite Instagram photos

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 by

Printstagram is a new site that helps you print your favorite Instagram photos. Who said getting physical copies of your best digital pictures was so last year!?

Why should I bother printing my Instagram photos?

Now hold on one minute you say, isn’t Instagram all about keeping a collection of your photos on your iPhone?! Well to that both we and Printstagram would reply… yes, but no! You don’t have your iPhone open all the time, and some Instagram pictures really would look nice on the mantle piece, or as a sticker, a fridge magnet or even a t-shirt…

Printstagram’s affordable prices and awesomely creative range of products make it – in our humble opinions – worth the lay out to print your instagram pictures, if not for you then as a rather imaginative gift!




Square prints

 Bottom Line

Why not try something new with some of your favorite Instagram photos by printing them at Printstagram?

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