Lovely: An Easier Way To Apartment Search

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by

Are you preparing to make the great schlep across the country and don’t know where to start the apartment hunt? Or maybe you’re finally ready to get out of that studio and upgrade to a better apartment down the block. Lovely is your answer to your apartment hunting quarrels. By narrowing down the criteria that fits for you, you’ll find the perfect apartment with the click of a button!

Not your average Craigslist listing

If you’re looking for a better way of perusing through hundreds of listings that doesn’t include Craigslist, Lovely is the latest site to provide you with the apartment you’ve been searching high and low for. Very much in the mould of trendy apartment search site, ApartmentList, which we featured in January, Lovely takes advantage of the Google Maps API to provide you with a much more visual set of search results after you plug in your city, price range, how many rooms and go. The cute little circles showing the number of apartments that fit your match in each neighborhood are definitely a nice touch!

The apartments are listed from Craigslist in an organized, easy on the eye fashion. Zoom in to see where the actual apartments are located and start browsing the apartments on the right. While Craigslist sorts apartment listings by the date they were uploaded, Lovely lets you view apartments you haven’t seen before with “Fresh Listings”, a particularly useful feature for checking out brand new apartments.

What makes Lovely different to the other online apartment searches?

Founder and CEO of Lovely, Blake Pierson says the goal is “to take the pain out of apartment renting and to provide renters with the simplest, fastest and most powerful search experience so you can rent an apartment that you, well, love. We aggregate apartment listings in real time from thousands of sources across the web, plot their locations on a map and give apartment hunters to tools to seamlessly manage their apartment search across both mobile and the web.”

If you already know you’re bringing Buddy or Miss Meow to live with you, you can check the dogs or cats box to view apartments that allow animals. Lovely also gives you the ability to impress your future landlord. Upload a resume and give details of when you’re interested in moving in. Lovely also allows you to receive email alerts when an apartment that fits your criteria has just been listed.

Lovely provides a favorite tab, so you can bookmark which apartments you’ll come back to and even add your own notes. When you’re ready to go out and explore those apartments, Lovely organizes the listings providing you the address, details, and your notes.

My favorite part is the Lovely Labs, which has a Pinterest-style layout of the apartments you’re interested in and the photos that go with it. Lovely is certainly the next generation of apartment listing. Find your next apartment today!

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