Spice Up Your Spread Sheet

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by

If making an excel spreadsheet for a presentation is not your forte, is right up your alley. When it comes to charts, graphs, and data, has the tools to present your information in a striking way.

Never stare at a boring spreadsheet again

Whether you’ve been working with data for decades or days, using can certainly spice up your life and presentations. In a few easy steps you’ll have yourself a beautiful graph full of information.

You get to choose from different templates including pie charts, bar graphs, and newer options like man, table, gauge, and even a word cloud. Input your data, give it a title, and your chart is ready to go. also gives you the ability to add more features like a map, pictures, or even a video! When your chart is finished you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest.

For someone who is certainly not a fan of charts and graphs, I found this fun. My American Idol Season Ratings chart came together in minutes. I was able to plug in the numbers, link the youtube, and it was ready to be shared. How will you use

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