Larky: Never Miss Out on a Perk or Discount Again!

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013 by

Larky is a service dedicated to make sure you will get the full value of your memberships by always keeping you informed about perks and discounts you areĀ entitled to from near by businesses.

Maximize your Membership’s Value!

The idea behind Larky is simple: all it does is remind you about the deals that membership groups and costumer clubs you are part of, give in the near by area. Membership groups are all around us; AAA, AARP, USAA, professional associations, alumni associations, credit cards, health insurance, shopping clubs, community groups, museums,etc. Most of these memberships offer you dozens or even hundreds of valuable perks and discounts, but most of us are not keeping track of them all. The end result: you miss out on savings and don’t get the full value of your memberships.

Along comes Larky!

Larky is a web and mobile service that helps you get all the discounts you deserve at the right time and place. Your customized “perks dashboard” shows you all your perks across all your memberships and makes it easy to find and use relevant discounts. Larky’s iPhone app (Android coming soon) sends you alerts whenever you’re eligible for a nearby discount and uncovers hidden ways to save. More so, their forthcoming browser plug-in will tell you about your discounts when you’re searching or buying online. Give Larky a try, it’s free and it will save you $.

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