Gardenista: Renovation & Garden Design Tips from People who Care

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013 by

Gardenista is a one-stop sourcebook for cultivated living guiding readers through the garden design and renovation process with inspiration from well-edited articles and carefully selected and enduring products.

A Passion for Interiors!

Gardenista is an amazing inspiration site garden design that strives to make the space you live in more beautiful and serene. The site’s team are a group of friends who share eerily similar design sensibilities; a collective design DNA. The main designing concept they share is that one can love Ikea as much as DWR; they believe a mix of high and low and of vintage and new is what animates a space.With these concepts in mind they will provide you with through advice that will inspire you to better your living environment. This blog completes their other blog, Remodelista, which deals mainly with interior design.

The Best Advice comes from Like-Minded Friends…

Gardenista was born from the will of it’s team to provide others with an edited and screened selection of the greatest hits in their own garden and interior designs. It’s the fruit of endless brain storming into the night, trying to come up with the perfect matches that will make their homes and gardens as beautiful as possible when they remodeled. If you’re even slightly design savvy, you’ll realize how extensive this blog is and will appreciate its team’s advice. Have you been thinking about renovation? Step into Gardenista for inspiration from those who care and know about it.

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