L’ArcoBaleno: Explore, Discover & Collect Design From Around the World

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L'ArcoBaleno finds and presents the best design work from around the world for discussion and collection.L’ArcoBaleno finds and presents the best design work from around the world for discussion and collection.

The World’s Best Designers.

L’ArcoBaleno is an online community dedicated to international design. The site seeks out the best design work in various mediums from around the world and compiles it all into a well-presented magazine-like format. L'ArcoBaleno - Explore, Discover & Collect Design From Around the WorldThe site features stories about exciting design projects, profiles of the world’s best designers, and a curated store of design objects. The items available for purchase through the site range in price but are generally high-end, high-quality quality pieces created by well-respected designers. Items range from furniture to technology accessories, and all of them have been hand-selected by a L’ArcoBaleno executive that travels the world searching for the best design products on the market. For those users interested in a particular designer’s additional work, the site has a comprehensive list of designers. Each designer’s profile includes an extensive biography as well as external links to the designer’s site.

Personalized Concierge Service.

L’ArcoBaleno has implemented several personal touches that make it easier for consumers to obtain great design products from all around the world. The site has a built-in Concierge Service, which consists of L’ArcoBaleno employees assisting customers with shipping, insurance, and any other questions they might have about the products. The site even goes as far as to provide logistics specialists that work with each customer to arrange special transportation and delivery of specific pieces. Because the site partners directly with its artists, galleries and manufacturers, it can ensure a smoother transaction process than similar sites can offer. L’ArcoBaleno’s many features truly make it a community dedicated to those interested in design at all levels. For galleries or serious individual collectors, there’s a wealth of items available for purchase. For beginners or those simply interested in design, there’s a wealth of information about the subject. The design found on L’ArcoBaleno is forward-thinking and innovative, and the site is definitely worth browsing for those interested in any aspects of design.

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