Kendi Everyday – Small Town Girl with Big City Style

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 by

Kendi Everyday – When young and gorgeous Kendi got married and moved with her husband to a small town, everyone thought the natural next step for her would be having a baby. Instead, she started a fashion lookbook-ish blog where each post shows Kendi in a different outfit. The photos are amazing (thanks to her talented hubby photographer), colorful and they all make you want to dash to the nearest shopping mall.

What I love about Kendi Everyday is that in each post she includes a hand-written comment that tells you where she got that skirt, blouse and shoes. Most blogs with a similar concept include these much sought-after details in the lowest frame of the post, often even in the comment section. Kendi puts it right on top, and right under the photo she’ll provide direct links that will take you to the item’s respective online shop! Now, here’s Kendi herself, definitely working it.

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