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Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2012 by

Fab.com – If you’re looking to help that design freak in you screaming to come out, you simply have to try Fab. Its ‘social shopping’ model has been described as the future of online shopping, and while its certainly not going to be replacing Amazon for general shopping any time soon, when it comes to design-conscious shoppers, many would say it already has! Currently available by invitation only (sign your email up on the site and you’ll get in soon), Fab’s in demand service is packed full of rather beautifully designed items, with crazy discounts – some sales are up to 70% off retail prices! Click here or on the juicy pic below to find out more about Fab.

Click here to see some 'Fab' designs at even more fab prices

Some of the tantalizingly good designs on sale on Fab!

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